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02 - Black History Month

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Play Download Click to view album tracksSoiree Of The Year03:22VocalsPop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, Club, JazzSong - Vocals - Fun, Festive, Hip-Hop and Jazzy party anthem for all ages. Male and femal...viewHi-Energy, Happy, Carefree, Sophisticated, FunFrancisco C Santacruz (ASCAP) 25% [402250909], Lisa M Simmons (ASCAP) 25% [341534193], Cadence Blaze (BMI) 25% [449888779], Douglas Starling Jones (ASCAP) 25% [448528135]4Tian2 Music (ASCAP) 75% [445444064], 4Tian Music (BMI) 25% [437949509]

Play Download Click to view album tracksWe Made It02:50VocalsElectronic, Hip-Hop, Edm, RapSong - Vocals - Inspiring EDM Rap celebrating overcoming life's triumphs. Spacey synths, four on ...viewExciting, Energetic, Uplifting, Celebratory, Festive, RousingDouglas Starling Jones (BMI) 50% [448528135], J Scott Giaquinta (BMI) 50% [199301157]Ear Bang (BMI) 100% [696502220]

Play Download Click to view album tracksI Survived03:10VocalsCountry, Rock, PopSong - Vocals - Triumphant And Sassy Country Rock Celebrating Overcoming Adversity. Four On The ...viewInspirational, Triumphant, Celebratory, Determined, HopefulChristian Allen Salyer (BMI) 25% [194517253], Todd P Andrew (BMI) 25% [492975696], Francisco C Santacruz (BMI) 25% [402250909], Lisa Marie Simmons (BMI) 25% [341534193]Ear Bang (BMI) 100% [696502220]

Play Download Click to view album tracksSo Unstoppable02:25VocalsUrban, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronic, ClubSong - Vocals - Invigorating and inspirational Dance track for celebrating triumph over hardships. - 13...viewTriumphant, Uplifting, Determined, Urgent, Edgy, FestiveJ Scott Giaquinta (BMI) 50% [199301157], Leeotis Burgess (ASCAP) 45% [646202760], Allen Maldonado (BMI) 5% [489934484]Ear Bang (BMI) 55% [696502220], Ear Clap Music (ASCAP) 45% [700336199]

Play Download Click to view album tracksIf I Had My Way02:12VocalsUrban, Soul, R&BSong - Vocals - Reflective 70s era Soul ballad about revolution and social issues, with a ...viewSerious, Reflective, Compelling, Poignant, IntrospectiveJoseph Sheu (BMI) 50% [403099677], Jean Edward Demery (BMI) 50% [541054390]Sync Different Publishing (BMI) 100% [706880822]

Play Download Click to view album tracksA Fallen King04:30VocalsUrban, Rap, Hip-Hop, GangstaSong - Vocals - A personal message of sacrifice and pain. Dr. Martin Luther King, male vo...viewSad, Reflective, Lonely, Gentle, Emotive, Thought ProvokingElchilo Laranas (BMI) 50% [550192374], Allen Maldonado (BMI) 50% [489934484]4Tian Music (BMI) 100% [437949509]

Play Download Click to view album tracksZero To A Million02:16VocalsUrban, Hip-Hop, Rap, Club, ElectronicSong - Vocals - Hard-hitting Hip-Hop celebrating the hustle and money making. - 153 BPM - Distorted...viewAggressive, Dangerous, Confident, Reflective, SeriousMarcus Christopher White (ASCAP) 34% [451101118], L O Solo (SESAC) 33% [704380957], Allen Maldonado (BMI) 33% [489934484]Ear Clap Music (ASCAP) 34% [700336199], Ear Smack (SESAC) 33% [704808058], Ear Bang (BMI) 33% [696502220]
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December 14, 2023
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