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Play Download Click to view album tracksPomp And Circumstance00:32CommercialsFanfares, March30 Sec Alternate - Commercials - Lush and encouraging, featuring bright woodwinds, brass and percussion...viewB Woodgate (BUMA) 100% [39783541]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]

Play Download Click to view album tracksLove To See You Fly03:53VocalsPop, Pop RockSong - Vocals - Super positive pop song with groovy guitars and clap your hands drum to...viewZoltan Istvanffy (ARTISJUS) 50.00% [445375446], Csaba Faltay (ARTISJUS) 50.00% [445375250]Zoltan Istvanffy (ARTISJUS) 50.00% [445375446], Csaba Faltay (ARTISJUS) 50.00% [445375250]Twelvetones Ltd (ARTISJUS) 100% [723323768]

You've got to take your chances / To try to mend your fences / You have to


Play Download Click to view album tracksI Cant Wait03:04VocalsPop, Alternative, RockSong - Vocals - Bubblegum Teenage Pop Rock Expressing Excitement For The Future. Innocent Female ...viewBrooke VillanyiChristian Allen Salyer (BMI) 33% [194517253], Todd P Andrew (BMI) 34% [492975696], Brooke Ashley Villanyi (BMI) 33% [664642428]Ear Bang (BMI) 100% [696502220]

"I Can’t Wait"

Written by: Brooke Villanyi (ASCAP), Todd P Andrew (BMI), Christian Allen Sa


Play Download Click to view album tracksPrecious04:16VocalsRock, Pop, Alternative, ElectronicSong - Vocals - Elated and ethereal appreciation of overcoming a difficult time. Flowing guitar ...viewTodd P Andrew, Brooke VillanyiTodd P Andrew (BMI) 50% [492975696], Brooke Ashley Villanyi (BMI) 50% [664642428]Ear Bang (BMI) 100% [696502220]


Written by: Todd P Andrew (BMI), Brooke Villanyi (BMI)


It's a long way

But look where


Play Download Click to view album tracksFriends Till The End03:39VocalsPop, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, ClubSong - Vocals - A last hurrah before friends go their separate ways, perfect for a final...viewL.O. Solo feat. StoneFrancisco C Santacruz (BMI) 25% [402250909], Asil Marie (BMI) 25% [655873012], Leeotis Burgess (ASCAP) 20% [646202760], Allen Maldonado (BMI) 5% [489934484], Cadence Blaze (BMI) 25% [449888779]Ear Bang (BMI) 80% [696502220], Ear Clap Music (ASCAP) 20% [700336199]

"Friends Till The End"

Written by: Asil Marie (BMI), Francisco C. SantaCruz (BMI), Cadence Bl


Play Download Click to view album tracksHair And Leather02:25RockClassic RockInstrumental - Rock - Game winning celebration Rock with anthemic electric guitar solos, exciting build...viewAlexandre Louis Leo Astier (BMI) 50% [556180348], Laurent Hugues Lepagneau (BMI) 50% [146174771]Boomboxing Music (BMI) 100% [617723053]

Play Download Click to view album tracksBreezy Beams02:49RockElectronic, Pop, Indie, Urban, EdmVocalise - Rock - Ethereal Electronic Rock with serene pads, floating vocal chops, and easy goin...viewTodd P AndrewTodd P Andrew (BMI) 100% [492975696]Boomboxing Music (BMI) 100% [617723053]

Woah, Ah


Play Download Click to view album tracksDripping In Gold02:40VocalsRock, Indie, PopSong - Vocals - Celebration of huge success in the face of haters and adversity. Heavy el...viewReymundo MongeRaymundo Monge (ASCAP) 25% [619599596], Jericho Morgaan Law (BMI) 25% [737450631], Jujuan Jamal Gailey (BMI) 25% [183674736], Marc Lawrence Closa (BMI) 25% [800386171]Ear Bang (BMI) 75% [696502220], Ear Clap Music (ASCAP) 25% [700336199]

"Dripping in Gold"

Written By: Marc Lawrence Closa (BMI), Jericho Morgaan Law (BMI), Jujuan J


Play Download Click to view album tracksBack To Tomorrow02:12RockIndie, Alternative, PopVocalise - Rock - Happy Go Lucky Indie Rock With Heavenly Male Vocal Harmonies, Buzzy Synth ...viewTodd P Andrew (BMI) 100% [492975696]Boomboxing Music (BMI) 100% [617723053]



Play Download Click to view album tracksPom Poms Out04:05VocalsPop, ElectronicSong - Vocals - Cheerleader Pop pumping up the crowd during game time. Stomp clap crowd p...viewAsil MarieChristian Allen Salyer (BMI) 34% [194517253], Francisco C Santacruz (BMI) 33% [402250909], Lisa Marie Simmons (BMI) 33% [341534193]Ear Bang (BMI) 100% [696502220]

"Pom Poms Out"

Written by: Lisa Simmons (BMI), Francisco SantaCruz (BMI), Christian A Salyer (BM


Play Download Click to view album tracksLive It Up Tonight02:55VocalsPop, Electronic, Future House, Urban, Rap, RockSong - Vocals - An uplifting, anthemic Future House party song featuring Female Vocals, Male Rap...viewAndrew Simon Goldberg (BMI) 25% [727356527], Robert Mcallister Chitwood (BMI) 25% [478007346], Elizabeth Forde (ASCAP) 25% [718360640], Kavon Dominic Salyer (BMI) 25% [429932823]Sync Different Publishing (BMI) 75% [706880822], Fluffy Ear Music (ASCAP) 25% [705286350]

“Live It Up Tonight”

Written by: Elizabeth Forde (ASCAP), Kavon Dominic Salyer (BMI), Andrew Simon


Play Download Click to view album tracksFriendly Success02:32Human EmotionsRock, TrailersMain - Human Emotions - Lifestyles - This quick pased cue in 3/4 time is beautiful and to...viewDavid ScanceDavid Lester Scance (ASCAP) 100% [345796031]In The Movie Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [492090353]
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April 21, 2023
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