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Play Download Click to view album tracksHow Far You Wanna GoVocalsPop, Dance, ElectronicSong - Vocals - Catchy, pop track with male-female vocal duos. Danceble song perfect for party...viewJip De Graaf (BUMA) 50% [26228983], Giulio Rosatelli (SIAE) 50% [713946434]Flipper Srl (SIAE) 100% [61153901]Jip De Graaf (BUMA) 50% [26228983], Giulio Rosatelli (SIAE) 50% [713946434]Drums, Percussions, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synths, Bass, Male Vocal, Female Vocals

Shall we go outside

Escape for a while

All those flashing lights

Replaced by the stars and

Every night our


Play Download Click to view album tracksCma TroubleVocalsPop, Alternative, Rock, Electronic, IndieSong - Vocals - A troublemaker's anthem of mischief supported by perky synths, fuzzy guitars, wh...viewRyan James Edwards (ASCAP) 100% [761161654]Ryan James Edwards Publishing (ASCAP) 100% [761162357]The 808Male Vocals, Electric Guitar, Synth Bass, Drums, Synth Keys, Synth Lead, Cymbals, Impacts, Sirens, Drones


Lyrics by: Ryan James Edwards (ASCAP)


Hey whatcha think about us

Blare the sirens on high


Play Download Click to view album tracksDon't Need A HatVocalsCountry, Rockabilly, HonkytonkSong - Vocals - Country, Rockabilly and Honkytonk blend together in this high energy song about...viewBrian Lee Bender (ASCAP) 100% [661623745]Fluffy Ear Music (ASCAP) 100% [705286350]Brian Lee BenderMale Vocals, Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Piano, Hammond B3

“Don’t Need A Hat"

Written by: Brian Lee Bender (ASCAP)


Don’t need a hat to be a


Play Download Click to view album tracksRose Colored GogglesVocalsUrban, R&B, Hip-Hop, RapSong - Vocals - Serene Rap appreciating a great relationship and a beautiful life. Vulnerable fe...viewKavon Dominic Salyer (BMI) 25% [429932823], Alison Kathleen Wells (BMI) 25% [100770809], Jeremy Michael Amato (BMI) 25% [359295028], Stuart Haruto Wong (ASCAP) 25% [887344784]4Tian Music (BMI) 75% [437949509], 4Tian2 Music (ASCAP) 25% [445444064]Kavon SalyerDrums, Bass Electric, Synth Pad, Keys, Sirens, Male Vocals, Female Vocals

"Rose Colored Goggles"

Written by: Kavon Salyer (BMI), Alison Wells (BMI), Jeremy Michael Amato


Play Download Click to view album tracksCma DestinoVocalsLatin, Pop, R&B, RapSong - Vocals - Upbeat, danceable, festive party tune with powerful vocals & bilingual lyrics. ...viewKeisha Monique Sanchez (ASCAP) 45% [1060293684], Fiona Sanchez (ASCAP) 23% [1123872765], Cordoba Yeimar Murillo (BMI) 16% [1076411865], Luis Eduardo Gutierrez Hurtado (SAYCO) 16% [704009879]GV Solutions LLC (ASCAP) 68% [889440681], Dinastia Market INC (ASCAP) 16% [1029801474], Yeimar Murillo Cordoba (BMI) 16% [1076411865]MUSAS, Luis Eduardo AcusticoFemale Vocals, Male Vocals, Drums, Synth, Saxophone, Bass, Electric Guitar

DESTINO ft. Luis Eduardo Acustico


Hear the music rising

And you wanna party

Come take my hand

Show your


Play Download Click to view album tracksCma Right At HomeVocalsRock, Alternative, Trip-HopSong - Vocals - Dark, Moody, Edgy, Alternative Rock, with an acoustic drum Trip-Hop beat with...viewJeremy Michael Amato (BMI) 100% [359295028]Jeremy Amato Publishing (BMI) 100% [1090054294]Jeremy AmatoMale Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums, Glockenspiel

Right At Home

By Jeremy Amato (BMI)

I close my eyes to look inside

And see there’s nothing left



Play Download Click to view album tracksDangerous PursuitElectronicEdm, Midtempo Bass, Dubstep, ComplextroInstrumental - Electronic - High intensity EDM chase with pounding drums, wobble glitches, and pressure...viewGuillermo Alejandro Vazquez Cortes (SACM) 100% [756917694]Boomboxing Music (BMI) 100% [617723053]Guillermo Alejandro Vazquez Cortes (SACM) 100% [756917694]Drums, Claps, Percussion, Bass Synth, Bass Wobble, Piano, Synth Pad, Synth Lead, Arpeggiator, Sirens

Play Download Click to view album tracksMidnight City StepsElectronicChill OutMain - Electronic - Pleasing and feel-good, featuring sleek synth pulses, electric guitar and synth...viewMike Dalmon (BUMA) 50% [227336085], B Woodgate (BUMA) 50% [39783541]Dennis Music International LTD (BUMA) 100% [40105935]Mike DalmonElectric Bass, Electric Guitar, Drum Kit, Synth Pads, Synth Pulses

Play Download Click to view album tracksRasta ReggaetonLatinEdm, Fusion, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, UrbanVocalise - Latin - Festive Reggaeton with wacky Rasta vocals, buzzy bass lines, and bouncy bell...viewKurt G Hoffman (ASCAP) 100% [407420296]Boxaboom (ASCAP) 100% [616496037]Kurt G Hoffman (ASCAP) 100% [407420296]Drums, Maracas, Bass Electric, Bass Synth, Piano, Harp, Synth Pad, Synth Arpeggiator, Synth Lead, Bells, Male Vocals, Gunshot

Ooh, Mixed up a little


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April 21, 2023
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